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THE TWANGSHIFTERS - Rock 'n' Roll, Roots, Rockabilly, Blues

Emerging from the garages of Portland, OR, The Twangshifters busted down the doors of the Rock ‘N’ Roll/ Rockabilly/Roots/ Blues scene in 2010 and continue to set the Rose City & Pacific Northwest on fire. There is NO RAIN on this


The Twangshifters have released their first self-titled debut album, The Twangshifters on 5-27-2011.

With standout tracks like "Rock a Billy Cowgirl," and “Polish Me Up” The Twangshifters, is a timelessly soulful collection, an intoxicating blend of Rock, Roots & Blues that appeal to the masses of every age and genre.

"Beyond giving the rockabilly kids a healthy dose of what they love, the Twangshifters' stage appeal consists of melding the best licks from the past with flashy production packaging" - Curt Shulz, Oregonian

Big Twang Theory

The Twangshifters are one of those bands you stumble across one night on a bender and never forget. Playing stripped down, no-nonsense rockabilly, blues and rock ’n’ roll, they’re the love children of Carl Perkins and Patsy Cline, and plan to celebrate the release of their smokin’ hot debut CD at a jam replete with burlesque dancers (including national champ Holly Dai) and lots of slicked-back hair types. This is not a party for timid souls or indifferent hipsters, so leave the attitude at home and bring a pack of filterless ciggies for the breaks in between.

- Rob Cullivan, The Portland Tribune

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